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Based in Adelaide, South Australia, ABC Palms is a leading supplier of advanced

Canary Island Date palms (Phoenix canariensis)

to Homeowners, Property Developers, Landscape Contractors and Local Government.

Our Canary Island Date palms are top quality and are highly sought after. 

Please visit our FAQ page for more information about Canary Island Date palms.

We trust your visit to our website will be an enjoyable and informative experience.

Customers Bill of Rights

Hello, my name is Grant Carlin. I am the founder and President of ABC Palms and to you I make the commitments listed below. If ever you feel that we have come up short on any of these, I ask that you contact me on 0410 693 282 and I promise you that I will work hard to correct the problem, whatever it may be.

Our goal is to earn a reasonable profit providing or installing our Specimen Palms. Our success is initiated by the consistently high quality of our palms & the industry leading expertise that is a hallmark of our teams in the field. The foundation that our future rests upon is constructed of mutual trust & is maintained through our steadfast commitment to prompt customer service & good customer value.

With these commitments taken to heart, we present this Customers Bill of Rights.

You have the absolute right to:

  1. Receive good value for the money you invest in our palms and services.
  2. Be treated with respect & dignity each time you come into contact with this company.
  3. Receive prompt replies to your questions, experience professionally planned operations and have access to field proven solutions.

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M 0410 693 282






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